Empowering young girls to explore the possibilities in code!

Hackergal is a not-for-profit organization that introduces young girls across Canada to coding through the experience of a hackathon. With women vastly underrepresented in the tech industry all over the world, Hackergal strives to inspire a new wave of Canadian female coders to bring equality to the booming industry.



Tech Jobs are the Fastest Growing in North America.

Over the next 10 years there will be a shortage of 1 Million+ people to fill technology roles in North America. Female participation is the key to stemming the tide and build a disruptive, diverse Canadian tech industry.


There’s Just One Problem

Girls are Being Left Behind...

Long held societal beliefs about women’s roles, discrimination in the workplace and lack of opportunity discourages girls from pursuing computer science.

In the past 30 years, the percentage of women working in STEM has barely changed. In 1987, women represented 20% of the STEM workforce, today they still only represent, 22%.

Female Representation in STEM Fields






Of girls would consider tech jobs in the future.


It’s Not too late.

Hackergal is Changing this Bleak Landscape

After our hackathons:


of girls became more interested in computer science industry after participating in our Hackathons.


of girls really enjoyed our hackathon!

in the News

Our movement is growing at an exponential rate and the buzz is spreading!

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Bonding over Bots: Hackergal teaches Canadian girls about coding

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Young girls fight STEM stigma with hackathon

Hackathon inspires girls to gain knowledge and tech courage

Hackergal launches national hackathon with 2900 girls across Canada

Hackergal breaks Canadian record with all-girl hackathon

Closing the coding gender gap, one hackathon at a time


Let’s Inspire Girls Together

Whether you’re an educator, sponsor, volunteer or parent we’d love to hear your ideas and discuss how we can inspire young girls together.

Email us at hello@hackergal.org

Hosting our 5th Annual Nationwide Hackathon on December 11, 2019! Registration is now open.

Follow our coding journey across Canada @thehackergals

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